Material Management Module

24th August 2011 14:34 by Webmaster

Today, Open-LIMS manages data in two modules, "project" and "sample". After a long period of reflection, we think that Open-LIMS needs a third module which saves laboratory-data. The new module should manage lab-material. Based on our experience during our internal tests, it is not possible to save that data at the moment. Material should be organisms, chemicals or other substances. It should be divided in a generic information part – a catalogue of components – and concrete information part which saves the material data.

To comprehend the differences between the modules and the generic and concrete part, have a look at the attached image.

To explain the differences between the generic and concrete part, we chose a chemical-example. You can save information about a chemical (e.g. water) like the chemical structure or the molecular formula, but all these information are generic and equal for all kind of water you are using. If you have a bottle of water, you'll save concrete information like the amount of water, the manufacturer, the date of expire etc.

All in all we are intend to publish definitions of the names used in Open-LIMS and descriptions of each module.

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